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When we search for “auto repair near me”, no matter what city we are in, we usually find quite a few choices. So what’s the next step? Which “auto repair shop near me” should you trust? How can you tell if it is truly the right shop for your vehicle?

At All Auto Services we suggest asking about warranty first. Good shops will offer 24 month / 24,000 mile warranty – they are often longer than warranties offered by dealers. Naturally, you also want to check that the shop works on your vehicle – make, model and year (some shops don’t have mechanics that know how to work on older cars, and parts availability might be a problem, so they limit themselves to servicing and repairing vehicles manufactured in the twenty first century).

You can also ask about quality of the parts the shop uses. Original Equipment quality parts allow shops to offer good warranty on the repairs.

How is the customer service? A phone call can often reveal a lot about an auto repair shop – do they pick up the phone or make you suffer through a phone tree only to be asked to leave a message? Are they friendly, do they try to accommodate your schedule, do they offer local shuttle or Uber for your convenience?

And then there is technology – modern cars are, basically, computers on wheels. There are dozens and dozens of embedded computers and sensors built into modern vehicles. To access onboard computers, and to diagnose problems, mechanics need both training and cutting-edge digital diagnostic tools. While it’s difficult for a customer to find out what tools are used for diagnostics, there is a simple way to tell if a shop is keeping up with the times – do they offer DVI - Digital Vehicle Inspections? Digital vehicle inspection software allows technicians to use tablets to complete inspection process, to take pictures of problem areas, and inspection results can be emailed or texted to you. A shop that offers DVI is likely to use latest diagnostic tools as well.

Finally, when you asses the “auto repair shop near me”, the last step is to make an appointment for a simple service, for example, an oil change. See if you can make an appointment on their website, and then observe your reactions as you come to the shop – are employees friendly? Is the office clean and inviting? Do you feel safe and comfortable entering the office?

We all have instincts that we honed throughout our lives – listen to them and trust them when visiting an auto repair shop.

We hope that having found that ‘auto repair shop near me” you will now have the tools to evaluate and choose the right shop for you. At All Auto Services in Grand Rapids we invite you to call or to visit and we will be happy to answer your questions and hope you choose our shop to be the go-to auto repair shop for your vehicles. We offer free digital vehicle inspections and 24 month / 24,000 mile warranty with any service or repair.

If you wish to make an appointment, you can do so online, or simply call us – we are happy to be of service.