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Brake Service and Repair in Grand Rapids MI

Brakes are vital to your safety, and the safety of your passengers. At our Grand Rapids auto repair shop we offer comprehensive brake inspections, brake service, as well as brake repairs. Whether you Chevrolet Silverado needs new brake pads, or your Ford needs brake fluid change, our technicians, certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), will provide professional brake inspection and service. After service or repairs, we will take your vehicle for a test drive to make sure the brakes work correctly under real world conditions. Automotive brakes, whether disc brakes or drum brakes, require regular service and inspections. In addition to brake pad replacement, brake fluid needs to be replaced regularly as well. An ... read more

Timing Belt Replacement in Grand Rapids MI

All Auto Services is your one-stop auto maintenance and repair facility in Grand Rapids. Among the hundreds of services and repairs we provide, timing belt replacement has a special place. Even though most modern vehicles use timing chains, there are still millions of vehicles in use that utilize a timing belt. Timing belt replacement is usually recommended every 90,000 to 105,000 miles, depending on your make and model. Some manufacturers recommend timing belt replacement every 60,000 miles – check your Owner’s Manual or Handbook for the recommended interval for your make and model. Timing belt replacement is a big job that involves removing front portion of the engine. We recommend water pump replacement at the same time, since most of the labor cost is already factored into the timing chain replacement – so most of the additional cost is the cost of the water pump itself. Along with the timing belt we will replace tensioners, as well as camshaft and crankshaft se ... read more

Fall Auto Check in Grand Rapids, MI

Fall is in the air - and with the colder weather come starting problems, vehicle control issues, and all the challenges of winter driving. At All Auto Services in Grand Rapids we recommend fall/pre-winter vehicle inspection to make sure your car is ready for the coming inclement weather. It used to be that most cars would get a tune-up in the Fall,  but nowadays a lot of the tuning is done in real time, by onboard computers. But there still remain important vehicle systems that require human touch. We highly recommend a suspension check. Worn out suspension can cause vehicle control issues and can increase stopping distance - already made longer by wet driving conditions. We also recommend brake inspection as well - fall and winter driving require faultless braking performance. Brake pads, calipers, brake fluid lines, and the brake fluid itself should be checked before the storms arrive.  While we are performing suspension checks, we can also check the tires to make sure th ... read more

Check Engine Light Diagnostics and Repair in Grand Rapids

Check Engine Light Diagnostics and Repair in Grand Rapids At All Auto Services we provide comprehensive check engine light diagnostics and repairs. The dreaded “check engine light” can come on for a wide variety of reasons – from a fuel cap that does not hold the pressure, to major engine problems, to catalytic converter failure, or hundreds of other reasons. When you bring your vehicle to our Grand Rapids mechanic shop, we will use professional scan tools to read the codes associated with the check engine light. These codes serve as road signs that tell us where to look for the source of the problem. Unfortunately, even professional level scanners that cost thousands of dollars usually will not give us a clear answer. They do tell our technicians which subsystems of your vehicle to inspect, where to proceed with further testing, and where to apply their diagnostic skills get to the root cause of the problem. Once our technicians have discovered the cause of the ch ... read more

What to Keep in Your Trunk in the Fall

What to Keep in Your Trunk in the Fall The fall season is here. At All Auto Services in Grand Rapids we recommend that you prepare your vehicle for the fall weather.  Here are some of the tools we recommend you keep in your car at all times: Spare tire/jack/wrench – A flat tire will usually happen when you least expect it. Thus, the reason to be prepared for changing a tire. You will want to check again and be certain that you have everything needed to change a tire. Extra gloves and coats – You never know for sure what the weather holds, and for that reason, it is wise to keep extra gloves and coats in your trunk. First aid kit – This is something that should be kept in the trunk all the time. Emergency flares – These are good to have in case you are stranded in the middle of nowhere, and especially if the vehicle cannot be moved to the side of the road.  ... read more