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Fall Auto Check in Grand Rapids, MI

Fall is in the air - and with the colder weather come starting problems, vehicle control issues, and all the challenges of winter driving. At All Auto Services in Grand Rapids we recommend fall/pre-winter vehicle inspection to make sure your car is ready for the coming inclement weather.

It used to be that most cars would get a tune-up in the Fall,  but nowadays a lot of the tuning is done in real time, by onboard computers. But there still remain important vehicle systems that require human touch. We highly recommend a suspension check. Worn out suspension can cause vehicle control issues and can increase stopping distance - already made longer by wet driving conditions. We also recommend brake inspection as well - fall and winter driving require faultless braking performance. Brake pads, calipers, brake fluid lines, and the brake fluid itself should be checked before the storms arrive. 

While we are performing suspension checks, we can also check the tires to make sure there are no bald spots, and the tread depth is sufficient to evacuate water and minimize the chance of hydroplaning and loss of vehicle control.

Naturally we also recommend wiper blade check and replacement, if necessary. Visibility is vital to your safety, so a quick check will keep you from getting an unpleasant surprise during the first major storm.

And then there is the car battery -  summer heat can make it perform admirably, but cold weather causes battery efficiency to go down, and so one fine Autumn morning you may find yourself with a car that will not start just as you are about to head out for that meeting at work. Our technicians can check the battery and let you know if it can hold a charge, or if it should be replaced.

So bring your vehicle to our Grand Rapids auto care facility for a thorough checkup (we can combine it with an oil change for your convenience), and our nationally ASE certified technicians will make sure it performs at its best, and will minimize chance of any unpleasant surprises.

We offer online appointments for your convenience, or if you prefer to speak with a human, our friendly service advisor will be happy to make an appointment on the phone.