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Car Diagnostics in Grand Rapids, MI

Vehicles are essentially computer-controlled using complex sensor technology to run and perform properly. The use of technology plays a key role in the diagnostics of your vehicle’s performance. When the check engine light in your vehicle is on, this means your vehicle is not running properly, and in most cases, comprehensive computer diagnostics is needed to determine what part is failing or malfunctioning.

For us here at All Auto Services in Grand Rapids, MI, this is not guesswork because when a warning light is on, this means that your vehicle’s on-board computer system has detected a problem or service need with one or more of the various systems it monitors and controls, such as your exhaust or engine.

At All Auto Services, our computer diagnostics includes the use of top-of-the-line scanning equipment, which is connected to your vehicle to reveal any trouble codes. Our ASE-certified technicians use the same procedures the dealerships use by retrieving this information straight from the data stream of your vehicle to accurately pinpoint the failure or the service needs of your system.

Once the data is retrieved from the trouble code, our technicians can perform further inspection and testing to determine what repairs are needed to fix the problem at hand. We then offer a repair or service work estimate that will return your vehicle to road-ready condition for your approval before beginning any work.

Don’t ignore your vehicle’s warning lights! While the check engine light could be something as small as a loose gas cap, it could also point to a more serious issue such as a failing catalytic converter. Getting the issue taken care of quickly will save you both time and money, and protect your safety on the road.

Whenever your vehicle needs comprehensive computer diagnostics, make sure you come to All Auto Services in Grand Rapids, MI. Call us today or use our online scheduler to set up your next service appointment with us.