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Catalytic Converter Replacement Grand Rapids, MI

Catalytic Converter Replacement Grand Rapids, MI - All Auto Services

Welcome to All Auto Services – a clean, modern, family owned auto repair shop in Grand Rapids, MI.  Catalytic converter replacement is one of the many services we offer. Unfortunately, due to the catalytic converter thefts, replacing catalytic converters and oxygen sensors (which often get damaged when thieves steal the catalytic converter) has become a common occurrence. 

It is pretty rare for a catalytic converter to fail, so catalytic converter replacement used to be a rare event. These days, unfortunately, it is a very common repair. 

Catalytic converters clean up emission gases, by burning up incompletely burned fuel-and-air mixture, before it comes out of the tail pipe.  The polluting molecules are split into mostly harmless substances, like water vapor, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Precious metals act as catalysts (hence the name “catalytic converter”) and these precious metals (palladium, platinum, rhodium) are coveted by thieves. 

Replacing a failed catalytic converter is a fairly straight forward repair. Replacing a stolen catalytic converter is another matter – thieves often damage other component in the process, most often oxygen sensors. We have to inspect the vehicle and ascertain what damage was done, and only then we can order replacement parts get the vehicle fixed.  

Likely Signs of Impending Catalytic Converter Failure

Symptoms of a failing catalytic converter can be quite obvious, but fortunately, similar symptoms occur when other components fail, so the repair might not be as expensive as catalytic converter replacement would be.  So if you notice any of the symptoms below, search for a “mechanic shop near me” – and we hope you choose All Auto Services in Grand Rapids to get your vehicle professionally diagnosed and repaired – here are the symptoms to watch out for: 

    a) Loss of power
    b) Engine misfires
    c) Due to unburned hydrocarbons, exhaust gases may have an unpleasant odor 
    d) Car engine may be running rough 
    e) Check engine light will be illuminated 

If your car exhibits any of the above symptoms, bring it to our Grand Rapids auto repair garage for an inspection and diagnosis. If it turns out that your vehicle does need a new catalytic converter because the old one failed, we will provide you with details of what’s involved in getting it fixed. If the catalytic converter was stolen, we may have to order additional parts, depending of what the thieves damaged when they were cutting out the catalytic converter. 

Once you authorize repairs, we remove failed/damaged parts, replace them with new parts, and once everything is installed and connected, we start the engine and check your vehicle for exhaust leaks or any other problems that may manifest themselves after catalytic converter replacement. The final step is to take your vehicle for a test drive, so we can verify that everything works correctly under real world conditions. 

When you bring your vehicle to our Grand Rapids auto repair facility, whether for catalytic converter problems, or any other issue, you will be greeted by our friendly service advisors, and can also expect: 

  • Original Equipment equivalent or better quality parts
  • 24 months / 24,000 miles warranty 
  • Nationally ASE certified technicians working on your vehicle
  • Free local Uber / shuttle for your convenience 

So whether your vehicle needs a new catalytic converter, or just minor service, bring it to All Auto Services in Grand Rapids. Our friendly staff will take great care of you and your vehicle. You can make an appointment online, or call the shop. If the catalytic converter has been stolen, we may be able to assist you with insurance claim, as the insurance companies usually require pictures and documentation of the damage. So give us a call – we are open Monday – Friday to serve you.