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What to Keep in Your Trunk in the Fall

What to Keep in Your Trunk in the Fall The fall season is here. At All Auto Services in Grand Rapids we recommend that you prepare your vehicle for the fall weather.  Here are some of the tools we recommend you keep in your car at all times: Spare tire/jack/wrench – A flat tire will usually happen when you least expect it. Thus, the reason to be prepared for changing a tire. You will want to check again and be certain that you have everything needed to change a tire. Extra gloves and coats – You never know for sure what the weather holds, and for that reason, it is wise to keep extra gloves and coats in your trunk. First aid kit – This is something that should be kept in the trunk all the time. Emergency flares – These are good to have in case you are stranded in the middle of nowhere, and especially if the vehicle cannot be moved to the side of the road.  ... read more