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BMW Service and Repair in Grand Rapids, MI

All Auto Services offers a full range of BMW maintenance services and repairs in Grand Rapids, MI. Our family-owned Grand Rapids auto care facility can provide your BMW with everything it needs to serve you well for years – from oil service to major repairs.

Whether your Z4 needs new brakes, or your X5 suffers from serious engine problems, our technicians, certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), will use state-of-the-art digital diagnostic tools to find the root cause of the problem, and will get your BMW healthy again.

At All Auto Services in Grand Rapids you can expect excellent customer service and technical excellence, whether you bring your BMW in for regular service, diagnostics, or repairs. We also provide:

  • Clean, child-friendly office
  • 24 months / 24,000 miles warranty
  • Original Equipment or better quality parts
  • Free digital vehicle inspection with service or repairs
  • Local shuttle/Uber for your convenience
  • Convenient online appointments
  • Nationally ASE certified technicians working on your BMW

Our Grand Rapids auto care facility works on most BMW models currently on the roads. Below are just some of the BMWs we see at our shop:

BMW X Series is pretty popular around Grand Rapids.It offers wide range of luxury vehicles - from subcompacts and crossovers, to the full-size BMW X7 SUV. Our shop sees roughly equal number of X1, X3, and X5 vehicles. 2014 X1 is known to have issues with air bags, while 2013 X3 model struggled with engine problems.

BMW 3 Series, a popular, compact executive car is a frequently seen around Grand Rapids, and by extension, at our shop. BMW 325 manufacture year 2003 had a lot of electrical issues while 2007 BMW 328 faced electric pump failures.

BMW 5 Series a full sized executive car has been around for four decades. The 528i xDrive version seems to be popular around Grand Rapids – and it makes sense, since the xDrive can rapidly direct power to any wheel, as needed, to maintain traction. The only recurring 5 Series problems we are aware of cluster around 2011 BMW 550 and 2013 BMW 525, both models suffering from engine problems.

As vehicles age, regular maintenance becomes crucial, not only to keep up with age-related maintenance, but also it allows us to spot signs of any developing problems. Our Grand Rapids auto repair garage can provide your BMW with full gamut of diagnostics, maintenance services and repairs. With any service or repair we offer complimentary digital vehicle inspection – you will get electronic copy of the results, so you are always up-to-date on the overall condition of your BMW.

All Auto Services is a modern, full service auto repair garage in Grand Rapids, MI. We offer hundreds of services and repairs, and have the breadth and depth of experience to work on most makes and models – domestic, Asian and European. Below is a highly abbreviated list of repairs and services our mechanics can perform:

  • valve cover gasket replacement
  • manual transmission service & repair
  • automatic transmission service & repair
  • fuel system repair
  • auto a/c condenser replacement
  • electrical and computer diagnosis
  • driveline repair & maintenance
  • brake rotors replacement
  • brake inspection
  • preventive maintenance inspections
  • EVAP system service and repair
  • ABS system service and repair
  • slipping clutch repair
  • brake fluid flush
  • auto a/c control module replacement
  • fuel injector repair
  • alternator troubleshooting
  • power steering fluid exchange service
  • tire installation
  • axle and control arm replacement
  • tire rotation and check tire pressure
  • warning light diagnostics
  • heater core replacement
  • water pump replacement
  • clutch repair & replacement
  • exhaust system repair
  • electrical system repair
  • wheel balancing & alignments
  • air conditioning repair
  • power steering
  • flywheel repair & replacement
  • air intake cleaning & filter changing
  • tail light replacement
  • battery system testing
  • interior / exterior lighting replacement
  • bushing replacement

So next time your BMW needs manufacture recommended service, or a recurring problem needs diagnostics, call our Grand Rapids auto repair shop. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and can confirm appointment date and time while on the phone.